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       艾森胜睿电力科技(SANGREAL TECH)专注于智能配电系统自动化设备和系统的研发与生产,主要产品有电力监控系统、综合环境监控系统、计量管理系统、微机综合保护装置、电力仪表、电气火灾监控系统、多用户智能电表、APF等。




       SANGREAL-TECH CO.LTD, which belongs to EIZEN-TECH CO.LTD , is an automation equipment company about IPDS . It specialises in development and production of IPDS . The main products are Smart distribution management system, electric power metering management system, computer integrated protection device, digital power meters , electrical fire monitoring system, multi-user smart meters, APF and so on.
       SANGREAL was founded in 1990. We are staying ahead of the competition depending on innovative R&D team and technology deposition for many years.  The intelligent distribution products are widely used in power, construction, municipal, environmental protection and other industries and gain acceptance.
       Developing the most advanced smart distribution control products and creating the most secure and stable power environment are the core ideas of SANGREAL.